Stainless Steel Scissor Lift Pallet Truck 1.0 Ton

Featuring a Dual Cylinder lift system, the SPT10 is our most popular Scissor lift pallet truck.

SPT 10SS - Stainless Steel Scissor Lift Pallet Truck 1.0 Ton

The SPT 10SS Stainless Scissor Lift Pallet Truck is designed for corrosive enviroments or applications with high standards of hygiene where the goods need to be handled at a convinient working height.

An ideal transport and lift aid for applications in damp or harsh enviroments, which includes meat or fish processing plants, dairies, pharmaceutical and the chemical industry.

Features a presure relief valve and an overload valve to prevent pump damage, when the load exceeds the weight limits. Supplied as standard with Nylon Fork and Steering wheels, which are better for damp and harsh applications.

The truck frame and pump body are produced mainly from AISI304 / AISI316 grade stainless steel. Scissor Lift pallet trucks are designed for use only with open bottomed designed pallets and stillages.


Easy Handling

The easy-to-use controls are equally suitable for both left and right-handed operators. The special lowering valve enables loads to be lowered precisely or in small increments.

Adjustable Lift Height Reduces Strain on the Back

Jobs which involve a great deal of bending and heavy lifting can soon have a detrimental effect on health. The work height of the SPT 10 can be varied by a height of up to 800 mm. This ensures back strain is reduced during operation. The scissor lift hand pallet truck can also be equipped with lateral support rollers, so that travel is also possible in the raised position.

Effortless Lifting and Lowering

Lifting can be by either manual hydraulic lift or electro-hydraulic lift with a 0.5 kW lift motor. The pump unit has an integrated reservoir. The lowering valve integrated in the pump unit facilitates precise lowering via hand lever. The hydraulic system is protected against overloading by a pressure relief valve.
Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck

Top Quality and Total Reliability

  • Featuring a Dual Cylinder lift system, the SPT 10 is our most popular high lift pallet truck.
  • The SPT 10 has a 1000kg capacity and can be raised to 800mm height.
  • Across fork dimensions are 520x1140mm.
  • 3 position control lever, with valve controlled lowering speed when loaded.
  • Note: High Lift or Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks are designed only to be used with open bottom pallets.

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck - Specifications and Details

Technical Specifications

Standard Frames

Dim. A Dim. B Dim. C Dim. L
1150 520 200 1510
1150 685 365 1510


Steer Nylon (2) 180 x 50 mm
Load Tandem Nylon (2) 82 x 70 mm